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The Last Hour is an award winning series!

2008-08-10 20:22:53 by Jaiba

Check out and review my movies. Jaiba production along with their crew along with the fans have finally help Jaiba productions achieved stardom. Jaiba and friends were always just flash watchers. Jaiba was always interested in flash ever since joining newgrounds in 2005. Up until two weeks ago Jaiba and friends decided to purchase flash, and with a week. Jaiba productions achieved their lifelong dream of being successful here on newgrounds.

Jaiba's biography, born and raise in Northern Ireland, Jaiba Mcdonald was a young Irish lad who was raised in a very devout Christian family. Jaiba always wanted to spread the world of God, and what better way is it to spread the word than on Newgrounds. Today Jaiba is a southern redneck from the south, and is proud of it.

Adam Phillips is one of Jaiba's most favorite artist, but it is sad that one day Jaiba Productions will surpass Adam and kick his butt off that throne. Jaiba the legend is on his way.

-Jaiba Productions.


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