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An Artist Who Care! Meet Jaiba Productions

2008-08-12 23:44:58 by Jaiba

Not that often does a flash artist comes along that actually cares about their fans. What their fans ask for the artist actually delivers. Too long have flash artist been sell outs, making flash for money and just caring about themselves. Making flash because it pay them. That doesn't come from their heart and soul.

But look no further, for Jaiba has come along. Jaiba actually cares, he listens to suggestions, is respectful to fans. Responds to all reviews. Works hard and diligently to meet the stredious needs of his fans, but he does it with a smile, and without any problems. Jaiba is that flash artist you have been searching for. True to flash itself. True to all fans, fans who cannot afford high speed internet. Fans who don't have much money to afford flash so they can't animate and learn within 30 days. Jaiba can relate to all, and that is why Jaiba Productions is here to stay. The majority of viewers don't have flash movies themselves. But seeings Jaiba as an inspiration will bring about new talent. "Hey if Jaiba who is like me can achieve success without fancy equipment and sponsors from big corporations can do it, so can i!" And i'm happy to hear these messages sent to me by PM. I am happy to be an inspiration to all. One day I will achieve the success of Adam Phillips but do it independenntly staying true to the whole non-sell outness.

-Jaiba Productions

An Artist Who Care! Meet Jaiba Productions


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