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your drawing has improved from the others i've seen. seems more smoother. visually more appealing. i think it was a good length. pretty good. the animation felt like i was watching a movie and you had a camera.

OxSox responds:

On the other hand, I think the length of the movie (combined with my writing for the length) is one of the biggest reasons this movie didn't get a super score despite it's fairly good artwork and animation. So I guess the lesson here is to ask yourself who your trying to please, yourself or your audience?


the preloader menu needs more work. on the right side of the screen you can see a white line. Looks like you didn't fit the screen very well. A lot better voice acting than me. The intro seems almost as long as mine. pretty cool camera angles and stuff on this one. some of the scenes looked pixelated when it was zoomed in

OxSox responds:

Yeah I suppose your right with the intro comparison for this one, but being aware of the semi-long introduction I tried to spice it up with the story book/British accent. The pixelation was caused by issues between adobe illustator and the fact I was still using Macromedia Flash 8. It was fixed when I switched to the newer Adobe Flash.

pretty good

although the style of drawing seems so 2001. If you've seen movies like street life. It look like it took a lot of effort, but the drawing is so straight lined and don't seem very realistic. The lines seem very straight and not curvy. and the shoulders of your characters look weird when they are moving their arms.

OxSox responds:

Artwork has been something I've struggled with, if I had this in the "When I'm running" artwork style I bet this would have made front page :/

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